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Dr.Joseph Kibombo Balikuddembe. Dean- SCIT

CIT was established by Makerere University Council on December 13, 2010, by upgrading the Faculty of Computer Science into a School with four Academic Departments; Computer Science, Networks, Information Technology and Information Systems.


Dean's Message

We are glad you are here at the School of Computing and Informatics Technology (SCIT).  I am quite proud of our school’s long history of offering instruction in computing that is based on real-world experience.  We are ardent believers in the idea that innovation and technology play a crucial role in the process of growth. We must never lose sight of the reality that increasing productive capacity depends on the growth of technology. Industry suffers from considerable innovation and technical gaps, and emerging countries, notably those in Africa, frequently fall behind. These gaps must be filled for any economy to catch up through the advancement of knowledge and inventive skills as well as through pushing the boundaries of technology.

As a technologically oriented school, we are strategic in providing talent that can support a strong innovation ecosystem. Our main priorities are the development of competencies and technological transformation. This includes institutional structures that allow for the development of adaptable skills that are essential for learning at the national and sectoral levels.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs equip our students with the moral complexity and intellectual rigor needed to tackle the challenges of a crucial period of societal transition. Additionally, we train graduates who can quickly transition to creative methods for problem-solving and who favor tasks that are complex and cognitively demanding. In other words, we train our students to be self-assured, agile innovative global citizens. The decades of experience-based knowledge and leadership that our faculty bring to the classroom has been essential to the success of our students and thousands of alumni at SCIT. The expertise and research contributions of our academics, who are thought leaders in their fields, continue to spur change and have a positive social impact at the university, in the community, and around the world.

I encourage you to browse the variety of opportunities SCIT offers on our website. You can learn about our academic programs on our website, as well as observe how our teachers and students collaborate on research and/or service-based initiatives and interact with the communities that create our collective existence. I urge you to get in touch with us so that we can support you while you pursue one of the school’s academic programs.

Dr. Joseph Kibombo Balikuddembe (PhD)
dean.scit@mak.ac.ug / joseph.balikuddembe@mak.ac.ug


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The School of Computing and Information Technology has four (4) Departments; namely


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Academic Staff

Alex Mwotil

Name: Alex Mwotil Title: Assistant Lecturer Highest Qualification: Masters Awarding...

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Arinaitwe Irene

Name: Arinaitwe Irene Title: Lecturer Highest Qualification: PhD  Awarding institution(s):...

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Benjamin Kanagwa

Title: Associate Professor Highest Qualification: PhD Awarding institution(s): Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands...

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Daudi Jjingo

Name: Daudi Jjingo Title: Lecturer Highest Qualification: PhD Awarding institution(s):...

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Emmanuel Lule

Name: Emmanuel Lule Title: Assistant Lecturer Highest Qualification: MSc. Awarding...

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Fiona Ssozi

Name: Fiona Ssozi Title: Assistant Lecturer Highest Qualification: MSc. IS...

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Golooba Moses

Name: Golooba Moses Title: Lecturer Highest Qualification: PhD Awarding institution(s):...

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