Programme Name and Duration

The programme name is Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE) and is hosted at the Department of Networks. The programme runs for 4 academic years comprising of four (8) semesters.


Programme Description

The programme equips a Software Engineering Graduate with an adequate grasp of the principles and techniques required  to produce software systems on time, within budget and with few or no defects. Our graduate is expected to apply these principles of engineering to the design, development, maintaining, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything containing software work. Thus, the training given in our program ensures that our graduates have a personal, business and technical skill to advance their career wherever they want to go. In particular, we prepare them to understand that choosing an occupation, getting that first graduate job, and growing in that job will require planning, self awareness, flexibility and a forward-looking attitude to help manage the personal transitions, as well as the technological and economic changes of the future. In that regard, BSSE program offers diverse career options as including:

  1. Software developer/ engineer,
  2. Software architect,
  3. Analyst/ programmer,
  4. Games developer,
  5. Project manager,
  6. Mobile application developer,
  7. Test analyst/engineer
Target Group

The programme targets three categories of people, namely A level certificate holders and Diploma holders and Degree holders in relevant programmes.

The programme targets to enroll 100 students on day and 100 students on evening and hence a total of 200 students.

Nature of the Programme

This programme cater is a day programme for all government sponsored studdents and caters for both day and evening private sponsored students.

 Programme Duration

The duration for the BSc. in Software Engineering degree programme is four

(4) academic years comprising 8 semesters, two practical skiling recess terms in first and second year, and a field attachment session in third year.


Programme Structure