Programme Name and Duration

The programme name is Master of Science in Data Communications and Software Engineering (Mdcse) Degree and is hosted at the Department of Networks. The programme runs for two academic years comprising of four (4) semesters.


Programme Description

Nature of the Programme

This is an evening programme that is completely privately sponsored and its duration is two years.  Students on the MDCSE Degree Programme will follow either Plan A or plan B study plans.

In the Plan A study programme, students are required to take two semesters of course work and two semesters of dissertation. To start on the plan A research, a student shall have succesfully completed two semesters of course work and have a research proposal latest by the end of semester two.

Students following Plan B are required to take three semesters of coursework and one semester of a project. To qualify for plan B a student shall have completed all their coursework in three semesters and also have a project proposal latest by the end of the third semester.

Programme Duration

The duration for the MDCSE degree programme is two (2) academic years comprising 4 semesters. Each semester has fifteen weeks of studying and two weeks of examinations.


The MDCSE programme has two options:

•    Communication Networks and Mobile Technologies

•    Software Engineering

The Communication networks and Mobile Technologies option shall cover aspects such as: com- puter networks, wireless and mobile networks, sensor networks, Internet-of-things (IoT) as well as Mobile communication, network security and wireless security.

The Software Engineering option covers new trends in secure software, advanced software archi- tectures, service-oriented software design and Domain-specific Engineering, as well as empha- sizing research in formal methods.

Mobile content development, mobile phone programming and mobile service innovation will be covered by students in both options


Programme Structure