New Projects

  1. Professor Tonny Oyana (PI), SIDA-DICTS Project No. 381: Integrating ICT based support in research, teaching and innovations 2018/19 worth 6 Billion UGX.
  2. Engineer Bainomugisha – October 2018-May 2019. Sub-award “Policy Research Program on Pollution Management and Competitiveness of Cities” funded by the World Bank Group cf. US$65,930
  3. Engineer Bainomugisha – December 2018-June 2019. Seed Grant “AirQo: Low-cost and Participatory Air Pollution Monitoring” funded by NRF South Africa. cf. Euro 7000
  4. Engineer Bainomugisha – Jan 2019-July 2019. Sub-award “Probabilistic low-cost air pollution monitoring ” Funded by UK Global Challenges Research Fund – UK Research and Innovation cf. approx. US$35,000
  5. Rehema Baguma – 2019-2023- “Enhancing Quality and Internationalisation of Study Programmes Through Mobile Transformative Pedagogy (EQIP)” by NORPART. (Co-PI with University of Agder, Norway, University of Rwanda and Paul Muyinda from the College of Education and External Studies-CEES)
  6. Fiona Ssozi – Jan-June 2019. Capacitating Educators Of Visually Impaired Learners In Using Assistive Technologies, COCIS Seed Funding, UGX 10Million
  7. Rehema Baguma – Jan-June 2019. An App for Counseling Youth On Pyscho-Social Issues: A Case of University Students,  COCIS Seed Funding, UGX 10Million
  8. Florence Kivunike – Jan-June 2019. Towards a Public Participatory Approach for Evaluating Quality of e-Government Services to Enable Sustainable Development, COCIS Seed Funding, UGX 10Million
  9. Hasifah Namatovu – Jan-June 2019. A Smart Sensor-Based System For Detecting Biogas Leakage In The Supply System, COCIS Seed Funding, UGX 10Million
  10. John Ngubiri – Jan-June 2019. Towards an Efficient Electronic Market Place for Small holder Farmers in Uganda, COCIS Seed Funding, UGX 10Million

Ongoing projects

  1. BRIGHT: Building Research Capacity in Innovative Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) for Sustainable Socio-economic Growth in Uganda. This project is a collaboration between Chalmers University, University of Gothenburg, and Makerere University. This project supports ten PhD students. Researchers involved are: Associate Professor Engineer Bainomugisha (PI)/email contact:
  2. E-Services: Training for Sustainable Spatially Enabled E-Services Delivery in Uganda. This project is a collaboration between Lund University in Sweden, and Makerere University. This project supports six PhDs and two masters’ students. Researchers involved are: Associate Professor Gilbert Maiga (PI)/email contact:
  3. KIPS: Building Capacity for Knowledge and Information Production and Sharing for Socio- economic Development in Uganda. This project is a collaboration between Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås, Sweden, and Makerere University. The project supports five academic staff doing their PhDs at Makerere University. Researchers involved are: Dr. George William Kiyingi (PI)/email contact:
  4. WIMEA-ICT: Improving Weather Information Management in East Africa for effective service provision through the application of suitable ICTs ( Dr. Julianne Sansa-Otim (PI)/email contact: WIMEA-ICT is a combined research and capacity building project funded by the NORAD under the NORHED scheme. It is cooperation between Makerere University (coordinating institution), Dar-es-Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), the University of Juba and the University of Bergen.
  5. EDULINK II: “Deploying Interactive Online Networking Platform for Improving Quality and Relevance of African University Graduates to Labor Markets”. The EDULINK project member institutions include; Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Kenya), Egerton University (Kenya), RUFORUM (Uganda), and Makerere University (Uganda). Associate Professor Engineer Bainomugisha (PI)/email contact:
  6. D. Jjingo and Dr. Florence Kivunike, NIH training grant US$ 1.25 m with CHS
  7. Ernest Mwebaze, Smartphone-based Crop Surveillance project (mCROPS), US$ 500,000, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  8. Ernest Mwebaze, Scaled deployment of smart-phone agro-applications for field based diagnosis and real-time surveillance data collection, US$ 76,000, PEER, NAS-NSF
  9. Engineer Bainomugisha, AirQo: Low-cost Air Pollution Monitoring, US$ 52,000, DIL/USAID
  10. Engineer Bainomugisha, SoCoMoT, Low-cost Internet of Things Technology for Soil Conditions Monitoring, US$ 80,000, UNCST
  11. Sarah Kaddu, EU grant (EU ICT H2020), €111775.00, Digitization of Cultural Heritage.