Assoc. Prof. Gilbert Mayiga on 30th November 2022 handed over the instruments of power to Dr Joseph Kibombo  Balikudembe the  Dean-elect School of Computing and Informatics Technology (SCIT), College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS)

Dr. Joseph Balikudembe and Assoc. Pof. Gilbert Mayiga sign the handover documents in the office

Prof. Mayiga’s handover follows his resignation from university service in May 2022 after serving two terms as Dean for eight years and having served the university for over 30 years.

The handover over ceremony was held at the CoCIS Block A conference room and witnessed by the Principal Prof. Tonny Oyana, a representative from the Audit Department, Deans and Heads of Departments, and academic, administrative and support staff from CoCIS.

Prof. Gilbert Mayiga (2nd) hands over to Dr. Joseph Balikuddembe (3rd) witnessed by college and university staff.

Prof. Mayiga thanks colleagues at the School for the privilege accorded to him to serve as School Dean from February 2015 to November 30th 2022 attributing the successes achieved during his tenure to colleagues in the four departments, the College and University Management, and from all support staff.

Mayiga reported that challenges notwithstanding, SCIT accomplished all the critical activities on time because colleagues delivered as expected.

In a 24-paged handover report, Mayiga presented an account of the current status of the school as of 30th November 2022 that traces the key activities and developments in the school’s four departments of Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science and Networks over the eight years.

The report presented an overview of the status of the departments, resources, records, and major activities overseen during his tenure meant to facilitate the incoming Dean a smooth assumption of the role, by providing information pertinent to that transition.

Prof. Mayiga highlighted key achievements including academic staff progress where staff with PhDs more than doubled from 22, the review of academic programs, increase in student enrolment figures, improvement in graduate supervision, active committees that accomplished their work and the growing and vibrant research activities at the school.

“There are still no full professors in the school in all the four departments. The number of associate professors has grown from zero to six, three of whom are in the department of IS. Several department members progressed academically (achieved a Masters or PhD Degree), and almost all progressed career-wise (were confirmed and/or promoted) during the period”. He said

Mayiga pointed to a number of challenges and pending issues for the attention of the incoming Dean. These included understaffing especially at the higher Ranks and the need to continuously engage with management to address this issue; Decreased Students Graduation rates that need to be interrogated to remove the bottlenecks; Curriculum Review for expired programs; Few Faculty engaged in research; Increased cases of examinations malpractices and a large number of students that failed to complete their internship due to challenges related to COVID-19.

To the incoming Dean elect, – Dr Joseph Balikuddembe commended Prof. Mayiga for the service, building staff capacity, establishing friendship and creating a positive impact.

Dr. Balikuddembe takes over seat in the Deans office.

“I believe the job has been accomplished. It is a bit of a sad moment as a school having a young faculty and a senior faculty leaving, the one we would hang on to and have mature discussions with.

I accept to be Dean. A baby has come. I thank colleagues for the support and giving me the mandate of service not leadership”, Dr Balikuddembe submitted.

Staff commend Assoc. Prof. Gilbert Mayiga.

Speaker after speaker commended Assoc. Prof. Gilbert Mayiga for his outstanding service and Dr Balikudembe for accepting to take on the role.

“The four departments in the school benefited and the Dean supported all programs in the Department of Information Systems to be cleared. Throughout his service, he ensured that programs are in a good place and updated. Apart from work, Prof. Mayiga had social qualities admirable. We learnt a lot from him, He is a very organized person and whenever he was out, he ensured everything was in place. Ag. Deputy Principal and former head IS Dr Peter Nabende appreciated.

“I thank the Dean for building a foundation for the school, leaving a structure of committees to guide the activities and empowering departments to operate and contribute to the vision of the school and also supporting and helping us to link with other structures such as Senate, NCHE and Council”, Assoc. Prof. Engineer Bainomugisha, Head of Computer Science.

“The outgoing Dean has been resourceful. I congratulate him on completing the two terms and choosing to give us more time to serve after resigning.  I have been going there with challenges outside his mandate but he has been a father and I hope the incoming will be fatherly”, Dr Swaibu Lwasa., Head of Networks.

“I appreciate his leadership on a personal level and as head of the department. Sometimes when faced with challenges, he is a person with a muscle. I have seen him solve complex issues.  I thank you for being a mentor right when I was a teaching assistant, you played a critical role of mentorship at a friendly and tough level”, Dr Agnes Nakakawa Head of Information Systems.

Babra Nalubenga Head CISPIB said:

“He taught me systems analysis a long time ago in my previous capacity as a lecturer. And as Dean, I thank him for helping me run recess term. He was efficient, organized and foresighted. I wish him success in your next endeavours”.

College HR Godwin Okiror signs documents as witness

Ms. Hasifa Kahunde, a representative of support staff said:

I came in 2013 and you welcomed me well. You have been good to support staff and the team is happy. As Dean, you have been down to earth, when you found someone sad, you asked what the problem is and offer counsel. You have been admissive, patient and friendly to everyone”.

The College Register Mr Patrick Feni said, “The Dean’s Humility surpasses anything I have seen in management at Makerere University. He worked with us to make things done. Dean was friendly regardless… I wish you success”.

Compiled by;

Jane Anyango

Principal Communication Officer, CoCIS.