Some of the students who attended the session involved in silent reading.

Members of staff and students from the East African School of Library and Information Sciences, College of Computing and Information Sciences on Friday 15th March 2024, joined the rest of the nation in celebrating the national D.E.A.R Day.

The Dean reminding the students about the benefits of reading

D.E.A.R. Day,  known as Drop Everything and Read Day, is an annual celebration that is intended for everyone to dedicate a significant period during the day to reading.

Uganda’s National D.E.A.R Day exists to promote the continued growth of a positive reading culture. To celebrate the day, the East African School of Library and Information Sciences, organised a reading session held at 11: 00am.

The session led by the Deputy Principal College of Computing and Information Sciences Dr. Peter Nabende was joined by the students, the Dean of EASLIS Dr Sarah Kaddu, the Librarian of EASLIS, and teaching staff.

A silent reading session of any information material of choice was first held. After this session, a few students shared their experience of the reading session.

The staff involved in reading

The Deputy Principal and the Dean also encouraged the students to continue reading and reminded them about the value of reading.

The session ended with an experience sharing by  a student with a hearing impairment, with the help of a sign language interpreter.

The students were encouraged to continue reading, purchase reading materials and also to encourage their relatives, and friends to read.