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The College of Computing and Information Sciences (CoCIS) Makerere University was established on 13th December 2010. It consists of two schools:-

  • School of Computing and Informatics Technology (SCIT) 
  • East African School of Library and Information Science (EASLIS).

CoCIS is one of the largest computing and ICT training, information science, research and consultancy colleges in Africa. It cuts across as a world class College and has maintained its place as an icon of excellence on the continent. It is committed to delivering excellent services in the area of Computing, Library, Records and Information Sciences and attracts both local and international students. CoCIS boasts of the state of the art infrastructure including lecture theaters, giant computer laboratories, specialized computer laboratories and a college library. Its three buildings can accommodate over 10,000 students in one sitting.

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Makerere University College of Computing & Information Science offers a wide range of study opportunities at different levels of your career

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COCIS runs a specialized Center for Innovations and Professional Skills Development CIPSD) which delivers state-of-art practical training in ICT

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The college of Computing and information science is one of the colleges under Makerere University. It is headed  by a Principal, who is supported by the Deputy Principal.

Under  the college are schools; i.e., the School of Computing and Information Technology, and the East Africa School of Library and Information Science. Each School is headed by a Dean.

Under each school are departments. Each department is headed by a Departmental Head.

The College also comprises of Centers and Units.

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